Thursday, March 26, 2009


We are all familiar with the one season series of Firefly? The oh so amazing show that was over far too soon.

I now present to you a creative challenge!
You are a journalist for The Alliance Daily Newspaper... congratulations! what shall you report on? The controversal use of child labor in the Canton factory settlement? The newest discovery of artifacs from the Earth That Was, sponsored by Bellerophon playboy, Durran Haymer? Interview on the graduating med students from Osiris?

Deadlines coming up! Write an article for the paper and post it here!


Anonymous said...

Is this an assignment for class that you are trying to make easier for yourself? :-P

Scribbles said...


I'm stretching your creative muscle! AND DON'T POST A COMMENT UNLESS ITS A JOURNAL ARTICLE! Sammeh, your fired.

blindingfirefly said...

AHHH! This is kinda creepy! I just finished watching through the series (for the tenth time) and TODAY watched Serenity for the first time.

Majorly creepy. And great assignment!