Saturday, September 20, 2008

Otaku Club

I'm a geek.

Pure and simple.

And I'm also the president and founder of my college's Otaku club (Japanese Culture Club [emphasis on anime and manga ^.^] ). Heh!

So far I have 10 people attending, and I haven't even put fliers up. o.o I have a feeling once I do our numbers will double. Can you say uber excited Lyndsey?

I also have three Vice Presidents and two treasurers. Which may be a little much, so I'm planning on giving them fun titles, after I fire one of my treasurers. BUT I can't do it all myself and so am leaving it up to yoo (and others on my facebook and myspace).


1. Vice President number 1 : Responsibility : Providing mwuah with the latest Jrock info and music
2. Vice President number 2 : Responsibility : Providing mwuah with the lastest J-fashion info and visual aid
3. Vice President number 3 : Responsibility : My bitch. Heh heh...


xbsquirrel said...

Have any positions open involving Giant Robots and/or Super Sentai/Kamen rider?

Scribbles said...

The more the merrier

blindingfirefly said...

Are you gonna fire meeeee????

Scribbles said...

If you don't start coming to the meetings I am!!!!