Sunday, September 21, 2008

An Ode to the Birthday Girl!


So one of my wifeys had her birthday today and I decided I would do a post in honor of her of some of my favorite Sammeh memories!

^Lyndsey ^                           ^Sammeh^

#1 most favorite Sammeh memory : Best friends allow you to touch them inappropriately 
Standing in line for the dealer room at MTAC in our cosplay suits (I was a school girl and Sammeh was Farah from POP) when all the sudden Sammeh says in the most serious expression "Hold this" and shoves her money down the pocket in my shirt on my boob and neither of us flinched or said anything. XD

#2 Sammeh memory : Being in the passanger seat of Sammeh's car for the first time, realizing how .... unique of a driver Sammeh was, flipping out for the lack of an 'oh shit' bar and leaving a handprint in the roof. 
That is still there today. 

#3 Sammeh memory : Playing Prince of Persia together everyday for a month and then upon completion turning to Sammeh with a smirk and saying "Prince of Persia: the ultimate one night stand. She has sex... and then becomes a virgin again."

#4 Sammeh memory : Borrowing each other's manga and leaving little witty comments in the margins. 

#5 Sammeh memory : "Don't Move"

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Anonymous said...

I loves it! LOL! But you forgot about Avatar! How could you forget Avatar? And Kingdom Hearts? Well, ok, I guess not KH, but we always made silly comments when we watched Avatar. We were waay too in love with KH's storyline to comment... too much, anyway. LOL!