Thursday, October 23, 2008

What I learn in World Civ...

1. No matter how many times you press Re-wind you will never get to the episode that is on the video before

2. VHS tapes will break if you do nothing but fast-forward and re-wind for an hour

3. When you are hosting a professional historical documentary, do not add in your own opinion on the matter, and if you do, at least back it up.

4. When hosting /making a professional historical documentary do not repeat the exact same phrase. In fact, don't repeat yourself at all, if they want to hear your profound and intellectually rewarding statement, they can re-wind.

5. Apathy leads to a lock of art which in turn lead to the fall of the Roman Empire

6. Pompeii's major contribution was grand baths and fish sauce (also called Gaurum).

7. Apparently you do NOT have to pass comp in order to get your bachelors degree.


blindingfirefly said...

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! Welcome to the blogs on Effie's World!

Scribbles said...

LOL, we should make a blog entitled Effie's World just for experiences we have had with the F'inador.