Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Most Amazing Mid-Life Crisis Ever

So my dad is having a mid-life crisis which is AMAZING by the way. When he was a teenager, my daddy had his own band called 'Illusion' and they had long hair and wore spandex. Now that he is 45.. ish, Dad has had a stroke of genius,


The old guys really aren't that bad, and it's loads of fun for me. Seeing how I don't live at the house anymore and am not woken up by band practice every Wednesday night until dawn. Ha ha ha ha, poor poor mother and little brother. No, I just come to the gigs and make the videos to post on Youtube. Speaking of which, will give you the heads-up as soon as finish it.

[ My daddy's the one in the middle playing rockstar *wipes away a tear* ]
[ I am so proud of him! ]


blindingfirefly said...

Yay for your dad! Go for it!

Scribbles said...

I know yay! I'm being overly supported of him in his fanatic, borderline unrealistic dream in hopes that he will do the same for me. Hasn't worked yet. lol