Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shakespear... did I spell that right?

I think I'm going to like Taming of the Shrew alot better than origonally intended. Who would have thought a Shakespeare class would be filled with controversy? Yeah, so anybody whose ever read more than one of Shakespeare's works are laughing at me, and those of you who have just read Romeo and Juliet I guess can relate to my shock.

So we basically have your side that is all for the treatment of Kate
and we have the one person who thinks her treatment was horrid.

And then there's me who see's both sides. God do I need a backbone.

So I can understand how P-dude's treatment of Kate was necissary and worked out for the better but I also see how it was cruel and never should have happened. But the truth is, "should" very rarely does happen. We all should behave accordingly and sweetly to one another, but passions, desires, tempers, pride, and a great number of other things gets in the way.

Another fun topic we came across was the stability of one's identity. Is it really something we are inherently born with or is conditioned by society?

So it got me thinking, what would I be if I wasn't a Christian?

I know plenty of non-Chrisitians out there who say they live by a set standard of morals and some do... but... I don't think I would. I think, if everything got thrown out the window...I would very much be one who lived according to my passions. Which I'm sure would make me a more interesting person, but still...

So saying that... who am I? If that is true... then is this person I try to be just a mask?

I hide my anger, hide my dissapointments, cover my shame, repress my desires, and lock away my curiosity.

Even though I don't want to... and it's hard.

But because I don't want to, because I want to live by my own laws....
does that make me a horrible person on the inside?

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