Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Hour Between Classes... (II)

Welcome back kiddos. Tuesday, Thursday class doesn't start till 3:30 so looks like we will have alot more time than an hour today. However, I have been called 'the lazy OCD' so I'm prolly only going to give you an hour and then bounce off and play with my myspace poke buddy.

Random fact: I have never been in love. Shock Shock. And I also like someone... shock shock... but it's forbidden. shock shock. NO IM NOT GAY! sheesh! It's just that I'm a Christian and he's not. *braces herself and prepares for the bashing awaiting her from her non-christian viewers*
Anyway, so... yeah. I love God and do not wish to fall out of his will, but... I'm also interested in this dude. Isn't the 'do not be unequally yolked' verse talking about marriage anyway? I'm not planning on marrying him. I'm just sick of being single and would like someone to hold hands with and go on dates with. I've never had that and think it would be schweet.

Not to mention I am EXTREMELY picky, and so finding a guy I'm actually interested in is a BIG surprise. He should feel special.

But I'm not going to worry about it.
Correction, I'm going to push it to the back of my mind, live my life at a reckless pace consumed in homework and school and then whenever I see him or close my eyes at night I'll let it slowly eat away at my soul.

Bad! Bad Lyndsey! No emo Lyndsey! No!


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